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Written by ks on 7/15/2009

Easy copy/paste music player for your site by Videokeman

videokeman mp3
California Gurls – Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dogg


Written by ks on 7/08/2009

Easy copy/paste LabPixies TV and radio widgets available at Widgetbox.

Click on settings to change the stations and skin theme of the radio widget below.

Click on menu/settings to change the stations of the TV widget below.

Mirror Rilakkuma

Written by ks on 7/06/2009

Easy copy/paste Rilakkuma widgets by Mirror.

More easy copy/paste Rilakkuma widgets and clock by Mirror.

Mirror Yami

Written by ks on 7/06/2009

Calendars by Mirror.

Sanrio Calendar Wallpaper

Written by ks on 7/04/2009

Sanrio offer free kawaii desktop calendar wallpapers.



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